Carnivor Cabernet

Big and bold in style, Carnivor Cabernet offers intense, dark fruit aromas and deep, inky color. A plush, velvety mouthfeel frames rich flavors of dark berries, coffee, mocha and toasted oak, all backed by a distinctive smoothness and a lingering, silky finish.

Vintage 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon, 90 Points & Best Buy

"An extremely deep, dark color is the first thing to notice in this rich, almost thick, wine. It smells like wild blackberries and boysenberries and tastes almost that fruity, while blending in meaty, chocolaty, black peppery flavors that seem to coat the tongue. It is concentrated, bold and stands out from the pack."

- Jim Gordon, Wine Enthusiast, July 2015

Vintage 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon, 90 Points & Best Buy

"Dark in color, deep in aroma, quietly intense in flavor and mouthcoating in texture - this Cabernet demands to be noticed. Yet all of those bold elements are wrapped in a tightly woven and softly finished texture. The flavors are like dark chocolate and ripe blackberries, the mouthfeel is fine and it’s not overly tannic or too full-bodied."

- Jim Gordon, Wine Enthusiast, February 2015

Viticulture Notes

We selected a large portion of the fruit for our Cabernet Sauvignon from premier vineyards in Lodi, a leading California winegrowing region for over 150 years. Lodi offers ideal conditions for growing intensely ripe grapes with great natural acidity and fruit-forward characteristics, and the 2013 growing season allowed an early October harvest at peak ripeness for Cabernet grapes, which showed bold, signature varietal character and desirable dark fruit flavors.


Following a brief cold soak to encourage extraction of color and tannin from the fruit, the must was fermented at 88-92°F for four to six days. The wine was then aged on oak until Cabernet’s naturally firm tannins were softened and the wine structure was balanced. We added a small amount of the boldest Petite Sirah grapes with the deepest color to enhance the wine’s color and structure. The finished wine has a round, plush mouthfeel and signature bold flavor.